How does the use of icebergs lower our carbon footprint?

Coal Displacement
The “cold” or thermal content in one target iceberg can replace up to 2.4 million tons of coal that would otherwise be used to produce electricity that would be used to produce refrigeration or air conditioning. 

Carbon Offset Value

Carbon offset value are not standardized, however the following assumptions represent conservative estimates.

Coal – 9000 BTUs per pound (Coal BTU values vary, but this is reasonable average.)
Based on the BTU estimates on this site, the Thermal Cooling Energy of a reference iceberg is 4.38 X1013 BTUs.

This is equivalent to:
4.38 X1013 BTUs / 9000 BTUs per pound / 2000 pounds per ton or:
2.4 million tons of coal.

In conclusion the carbon offset value of a reference iceberg equates to 2.4 million tons of coal.  Undoubtedly, conversion efficiency and utilization factors would impact the ultimate carbon offset yield.  However, by any calculation the carbon offset value is significant.

How many tons of carbon credits might I obtain from an iceberg?
A target iceberg can contain up to 6.24 million metric tons of CO2 offsets or credits.
(2.4 million tons of coal x a carbon conversion factor of 2.86 = 6.86 million tons of CO2 offset.  6.86 and .91 metric tons conversion = 6.24 million metric tons.)

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